SuperFabric is a ceramic-coated material used for very heavy-duty military gear and provides much more protection against abrasion than either leather or any type of textile (including Cordura).

It is claimed to be 14 times as abrasion resistant as Kevlar and 4 times as abrasion resistant as a professional leather racing suit.

About SuperFabric:

Engineered like no other material in the world, SuperFabric materials break down the barriers in performance, protection and comfort.

SuperFabric is a unique engineered textile that is a multi-dimensional system rather than a single material.

SuperFabric technology can be configured to yield a variety of performance properties that include a quick drying surface in addition to exceptional levels of resistance to abrasion, cuts, stains, water, and oils.

The core element in SuperFabric technology is the proprietary armored surface along with a combination of material science and strategic geometric patterns that transform a variety of fabric substrates into what is collectively known as SuperFabric brand materials.

A brief video about SuperFabric:

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