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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions are answered below. Please read these policies carefully. If you still have questions, please ask them before ordering. You can call email us at

In this era of free-shipping, no cost exchanges, 80% off sales etc. our policies may seem a bit strict.

This is because we are not simply resellers who make a ton of margin on every single item we sell.

We provide you with specialized high-end gear at extremely affordable prices (i.e very low margin).

From the materials used and the effort put into "one off custom made" production,

you can tell that these are extremely high-cost items that retail for at least 2 or 3 times the price in other stores.

We will always treat you fairly and pass on the savings to you.

There is a reason why we are rated #1 for our customer service!


  • Orders can not be cancelled after payment.


  • Everything is made to order, so we are not able to offer exchanges


  • Everything is made to order, so we are not able to offer exchanges


What other customizations are allowed (apart from sizing)?

For individual orders we do not allow the following:

  • design changes
  • addition/deletion of logos
  • addition/deletion of pockets
  • customization of armor pockets to fit other brand armor pieces

Contact us if you have specific requirements.

What if a custom suit does not fit ?

If a custom sized suit does not fit correctly, then we will conduct a detailed review of the final suit measurements.

If the suit is made to the specs provided,

then Teiz can not be held responsible.

If there is a mistake made by us, we will fully stand behind our service and provide a replacement suit.

For some of the dimensions, the actual suit may measure longer than the measurements provided.

For example, an inseam measurement may be slightly longer than the provided measurement.

We are only held responsible if it measures less than the provided measurement.

Please note that one piece suits are meant to be slightly baggy to accommodate a few layers of street clothing underneath.

The risk of custom fit lies with the customer as the measurements are provided by the customer.

To minimize risk we ask you to provide "final suit measurements".

If these are provided, we will make the suit to these measurements.


If these are not provided,
we will make a suit based on the "body measurements".


If only "body measurements" are provided,

and "final suit measurements" are not provided,

then Teiz is not liable for the fit.


Availability of off-the-shelf gear?

We only make custom size gear

Where are the suits manufactured?

Sas-Tec armor is imported from Germany.

SuperFabric is imported from USA.

YKK zippers are imported from Japan.

Cordura is imported from Korea.

Final stitching is done in Pakistan.


Do you offer any discounts for <fill in the blank> ?

Our prices are already very reasonable hence we can not offer any discounts.

We do provide 10% off to repeat customers.


Do you sponsor trips/events?

No in 99% of the cases. Send us a detailed plan if you would like us to consider sponsoring your trip.


Will you have in booth in the upcoming < fill in the blank > show?

Nope. We are a 100% online store only.


Do you have retail location?

Nope. We are a 100% online store only.


Manufacturing time?

Approximately 4 weeks.


Payment methods

We only accept bank transfers.

For orders being shipped to USA addresses:

You can send us the payment usingĀ  Zelle which is now available with most banks.

This includes:

  • Chase QuickPay
  • Citi
  • Well Fargo
  • Bank of America

and many other banks.

For a complete list of participating banks visit:

For orders being shipped outside of USA: We will provide banking information to arrange the bank transfer.

Once you submit the order form,

you will receive an invoice with payment instructions.


Still have questions? Send us a note!

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